The best design hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen Water Bottle Ionizer H2CAP Alpha

World first Platimum PEM Technology. Makes only safe and pure Hydrogen Water. Any type of water can be used. Made in S.Korea.

Hydrogen Water generator Machines Guide!

Hydrogenated water is essentially water with an extra hydrogen atom, this hydrogen atom does not bond to the water, and is present as a free ion. Hydrogen enriched water has been studied for decades, and in Japan has been hot for many years.

What is a hydrogen infused water machine?

The hydrogen water machine is a unique stationary or portable device that adds extra hydrogen molecules to water using electrolysis.

How does a hydrogen water maker work?

The main principle of the device is the conversion of normal purified water into hydrogen water through electrolysis (negatively charged water, “cathode”). In the process of electrolysis, double enrichment of water with hydrogen takes place -- in dissolved and gaseous form, thus reducing the level of ORP (Oxidative Reducing Potential) to minus 200 millivolts.

What is the best hydrogen water generator?

That depends on your priorities and the amount of hydrogen you want in your water. Consider the following popular brand H2CAP H2CAP Hydrogen water machines are a new way to get very high levels of molecular hydrogen (antioxidants) in our drinking water. If your body doesn't seem to need the alkalizing benefits of a water ionizer, for instance if your diet is already mostly alkaline, a molecular hydrogen machine may be the best choice for you.

Hydrogen water machines offer the healing benefits of molecular hydrogen antioxidants without changing the pH of the water. For more explanation about hydrogen water benefits, go to our 100-Studies page or watch this video.

Inhaler is an optional product that can be used only when H2CAP Alpha is present. If you register the serial number enclosed with the Inhaler product in a dedicated app, the Inhaler function is activated to maximize the powerful antioxidant power provided by Inhaler along with hydrogen hydration.
  • Adjustable intensity and operating time via application
  • When there is not much physical activity such as resting, reading, watching TV, listening to music, watching movies
  • When it is necessary to reduce oxidative stress after medication.
Use Inhaler in hydrogen mode.

Caution: Up to 1 hour or more per day is not recommended as it does not increase the effect on the human body.

  • If oxygen inhaler is required,
  • Quick recovery after vigorous exercise,
  • Learning and work that requires concentration,
  • Assistance for people with asthma or other breathing problems
Use Inhaler in oxygen mode.

Caution: Excessive oxygen intake can cause excessive oxidative stress in the body, which should be used in limited cases if necessary.