Compact Size & Design

H2CAP Plus has great portability with its compact
design. You can use it anytime, anywhere you want.

53g/ 42 X 36mm

Simple & Easy to use

H2CAP Plus is applicable with almost every water bottles sold in the market.
All you need to do is to get a bottle of water and enjoy!

Size of 28/ 30mm
Size Country of use
28mm North / South America, Europe, and ohters
30mm China, Korea, Asia, and others

Anytime Anywhere

H2CAP Plus is a unique hydrogen water generator
The ‘worlds’ smallest, lightest, strongest and most long-lasting
convenient Hydrogen water generator. It can be used with
most bottled waters that have a 30, 28mm screw cap.

So you can enjoy the health changing benefits of
Active Hydrogen rich water anywhere anytime.


Just take H2CAP Plus with your mobile phone and go outside!

Great Materials

You don’t have to worry about the safety anymore.
H2CAP Plus materials are utilizing non-toxic,
non-leaching materials both in and outside the product,
you can be rest assured that your health will not be compromised.

1Upper Cap
Every Plastic used to make H2CAP Plus is made with TRITAN including the lid. It is absolutely BPA FREE.

2 Non-toxic Silicon Ring
The non-toxic silicone prevents leakage of water.

3 Case
By using stainless steel, it has the best design as well as durability.

4 USB Port
Since the power is supplied by USB cable, it is applicable with various devices. It is much more convenient than any other hydrogen generators.

5 Bottom Cap
It is also made with NON-toxic elastomer.

Incomparable TECHNOLOGY

The 1st 9-Layered hydrogen generator.
The use of a unique patented platinum coated titanium plates produce the most efficient electrolysis and hence, the highest levels of long lasting molecular hydrogen water.

Patented CROSS-MESH electrode plates
Patented design of efficient Cross-mesh platinum titanium electrode plates are applied.

Special PEM
H2CAP Plus makes use of a special cation exchange membrane, with a minimum current generation to produce high concentration of pure hydrogen. Isolation results up to 100%.

Digital controlling system
H2CAP Plus uses the most sophisticated PCB to produce the highest efficiency of electrolysis.

Powerful Performance

Stable amount of hydrogen

The Hydrogen stays in water much more stably.

3min 30sec = 1,000 PPB up to 1,500 PPB
Abundant hydrogen, with the shortest time. Normally, pure water has 0 PPB.
– RO water : 1,000 PPB
– Mineral water : over 1,200 PPB
– Alkaline water : 1,500 PPB

ORP : -400mV ~ -800mV
Oxidation Reduction Potential goes up to -800mV.
(ORP is ability to alleviate or remove oxidation process in our body. The lower the better)

PPB Changes Over Time


(Hydrogen measurement : Competitors - During operation, H2CAP - After operation)

AI Functions

AI(Artificial Intelligence) Cleansing Alarm

H2CAP Plus automatically monitors the condition of the electrode plates and membrane. And it lets you know via orange LED on the bottom when It can’t generate 1,000 PPB hydrogen water.

Up to 1,500 PPB anytime, anywhere

With digital system and special power supply system, H2CAP Plus periodically checks the condition of water quality, membrane and electrode plates. It helps H2CAP to generate the purest hydrogen water Up to 1,500 ppb, every time you use it.

AUTO System

H2CAP Plus automatically works when connected to power supplies, and turns off automatically once completed.

User Friendly Functions


You can actually SEE hydrogen generated from the H2CAP Plus!

USB Power Supply

Power supply available via smartphones, power bank, laptop, PC, etc.

Cleansing Alarm

Orange LED blinks when the plates and membrane have to be Cleaned.


Since H2CAP does not have a battery, it allows Semi-Permanent Lifetime.

Quick Recovery

Although H2CAP Plus is not used for a long time, it quickly recovers the condition of plates and membrane & produces the purest hydrogen water.

How to use

Combine H2CAP with the bottle of water filled up to the bottleneck. You may use the general water bottle with the size of 30mm or our private water bottle for H2CAP. Turn the water bottle upside down once combined with the H2CAP.

(Be careful not to put pressure on the electrolysis plates by pressing water bottle.)

Connect the mini terminal of the USB cable to the H2CAP cable plug. Connect the other side of USB cable with the power supply.  

(PC, Smartphone and etc.)

Once the power is supplied, H2CAP starts to generate Hydrogen automatically.

 And also it turns off automatically once completed. Separate the H2CAP and enjoy hydrogen water.

Detail specifications

Name of the product H2CAP Plus H2CAP
Operating time 3.5 mins ~ 5 mins 5 min.
Recommended temperature 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃
Size 37.2 Φ x 42.5 mm(H)
Power USB
Electricity consumption Max 4.5 W
Recommended amount 500 ml
Weight 53 g
Materials Case: SUS304 (Stainless)
Body & Upper Cap: TRITAN
Body & Bottom Cap: NON-TOXIC Elastomer
Electrolysis plates: PLATINUM TITANIUM
Electrolysis performance The amount of DH(Dissolved Hydrogen) in the water: 1,000 PPB ~ 1,500 PPB / Normally, pure water has 0 PPB.
ORP - 400 mV ~ - 800 mV
(Oxidation Reduction Potential is an ability to alleviate oxidation process in our body.)



H2CAP Plus is tested to the highest standards.