The best design hydrogen water generator


Ultra High Goss, Stain Prevention, Premium Crystal Design, Non-Toxic Material
Please use hot water when using the product for the first time.

h2cap Premium Design Bottle
h2cap Premium Design Bottle


  • Please fill with water up to the line on the bottle when using with H2CAP.
  • Dropping the bottle may cause damage.

How to clean the bottle

The bottle’s ultra high-gloss surface prevents contamination.

  1. Clean the inside of the bottle with hot water by shaking. Washing with H2CAP Descaler is ideal.
  2. Please wipe the outside of the bottle with soft cloth.
  3. Do not use rough cloth or harsh cleaners that could cause scratches on the surface. It may harm the surface and loses it contamination prevention function.
  4. If the O-ring in the cap is polluted, separate it from the cap and clean or change it with an extra O-ring.


Materials Cap: Non-Toxic PP / Stainless Steal 304 / Non-toxic silicon

Body: Non-toxic Tritan BPA-FREE / Stainless Steal 304
Height 220mm
Weight 208G
Volume 500ml(17oz)
Heat resistance 100℃ ( 212℉)