For CLEANING Hydrogen Water Generator

Cleaning is mandatory!

As H2CAP uses electricity to generate hydrogen water,
It leaves some scale on the surface of plates and membrane.

Critic Acid 100%

Citric Acid is an excellent chelating agent,
binding metals by making them soluble.

It is used to remove and discourage the buildup of lime-scale from boilers and evaporators.

1. Put descaler into the water bottle, and shake so that it can be melted.

2. Operate the MANUAL CLEANING MODE (Watch the VOD for the details) for 2 min. It will effectively clean the plates and membrane.

3. After cleaning, discard the water and wash off the bottle with pure water 2~3 times.

* Use only the Descaler provided (One sachet at one time)
* Using other cleaning tools may damage the product.
* Do not submerge the product in the water for cleaning purposes.